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    Post  CrazyBuu on Wed Apr 03, 2013 9:57 am

    This forum is for the DBM2 project. The DBM2 project is a massive collaboration of many fanfic authors that were inspired to create multi-verses of their own and such.

    Here you would be able to discuss things with these authors, as well as other members who like the anime dbz and things like that.

    But do keep in mind, this forums sole purpose for being created was so the Authors can have a more secure place to discuss plot relevance and many other things, without prying eye's. But there are many different corners you may feel free to converse in, as well as a thread that shows wonderful fanart and such. That is only if you register.

    Rules will be added as need be, but generally be respectful to one another and don't Spam, or you will be deleted.

    This post will more then likely be modified by other moderators, to add or subtract information about the forum.

    Since I only gave the basic gist, muahahaha.

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